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G’day world!


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Welcome to the Architect demonstration site.

Architect is an all-in-one content layout plugin for making dynamic, content driven layouts like sliders, galleries, grids, carousels, tabular, accordions, tabbed, masonry and more.

Architect lets you build countless content layouts

Architect is a unique plugin for any theme providing, from its six basic layouts, almost unlimited layout options for your content.

Furthermore, you can switch themes and still keep your layouts yet inherit your theme’s styling. And it works great with theme frameworks too.

Architect saves you time and money

Architect, by providing so many layout possibilities in one plugin, such as sliders, grids, tabbed, accordions, single posts, galleries, lists and so on, means you only have to pay for one plugin instead of many.

And you save time not having to trawl through and evaluate the 3000+ plugins that appear when you search those layouts.

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